Mandy Nielson

Head Bartender

"Doc" Kenneth Kollmeyer


Adam Moore

Beer Whisperer

David "Dave" Young

Head Brewer

Adam loves beer.  He also loves people.  When the two combine he often finds the experience to lead to an almost therapeutic session that includes listening to both the beer and people so intently, they leave smiling and happier than when they first approached him.

Mandy loves the beer and the Tap Room enough to drive each weekend from DFW to pour your next beer. With many years of Service Industry experience, she will make sure she finds the beer for you. Come in and take a seat at the bar for your next beer served with a smile. 

A man of great passion and excitement.  He will give you the best tour of a brewery you've ever had.  The beer he brewed in college for his friends, and the incredible journey his life has taken him on has led us all to this establishment he created.  

Dave knows beer.  Dave knows that when he's raising four children, a rat terrier, and a donkey named "Jake" with his wife that he needs plenty of beer.  He even raises bass in his stock pond just to have a place to drink beer.